Guidelines on Café 8 for Bookings & Events:

Please note that we are not able to completely privatise the indoor cafe area or the outdoor podium since they are authorised public space managed by Cafe 8. A site visit is highly recommended due to the public space policy.

  • Maximum indoor standing capacity is 100 people.
  • The maximum indoor seating capacity is 70 people.
  • During museum opening hours the café will function as an operating café and booking out the entire venue is not permitted.
  • Café 8 or any clients / working staff must not stop people from coming into the Museum as long as the cafe is open. Clients are required to acknowledge and agree with this condition.
  • Café 8 cannot be closed to the public during its opening hours.
  • No backdrop or stage is allowed in the outside terrace.
  • Café Manager or Assistant Café Manager will be in charge of arranged events.
  • Any dismantling works, cleanup or furniture rearrangement must be finished before Midnight.
  • Decorations and set up is very limited due to the public space issue.
  • During museum opening hours use of PA systems and projectors is limited.
  • Minor furniture arrangement is permitted at managerial discretion. Time for rearrangement and additional fees will apply.
  • On leaving the venue, clients are not permitted to take away any beverages.
  • Noise levels must be kept within reasonable levels as overseen by café management, who shall have the right to suspend any services in the event that said instructions are not adhered to.
  • Café 8 and The Hong Kong Maritime Museum are a non-smoking venue inclusive of all areas.

F&B guidelines

  • Cafe 8 is fully licensed; all beverages must be supplied from Café 8. 
  • Beverage serving will be stopped at conclusion of event time. Extension is only permitted by agreement with Cafe Manager or Assistant Café Manager and subject to additional charges. All events, including dismantle time and rearrangement of café furniture must be concluded before 12.00 Midnight.
  • No outside food or beverage items are permitted unless previously approved by café 8 Management and in compliance of the café’s operational policies and food license.
  • No cooking of food or barbeque is permitted on the outdoor terrace.