Cafe 8 Minimum spend outline for events & gatherings.

Minimum spend can be made up from goods and services supplied by Cafe 8 only.  Please refer to our guidelines for booking events at Cafe 8. Click here.

Daytime Events: Monday to Sunday 10am to 6pm                       HKD Per 3 hours
100% booking of Cafe space*Not permitted-

  75%  booking of Cafe space*  

Up to 50 pax seated, 70 Standing

  50%  booking of Cafe space*

Up to 36 pax seated, 50 Standing
  30% booking of Cafe space*Up to 24 pax seated


Evening Events: Monday to Sunday 6pm to 11pm

HKD Per 3 hours

100%  booking of Cafe space*Up to 70 pax seated, 100 Standing


  75%  booking of Cafe space*Up to 50 pax seated, 70 Standing$15,500
  50%  booking of Cafe space*Up to 36 pax seated, 50 Standing$10,800

Less than 50% Booking by arrangementContact us: +852 3791 2158
or email below
Social & NGO events
Evening events, 4 slots per month by application 
Contact us: +852 3791 2158or email below

* = refers to Cafe space as indicated on layout plan.

If you would like to enquire for an event that does not fit into the above criteria or would like further information please contact us in the form here: