The Workers and Students of Cafe 8

​                   The staff at Cafe 8 includes students of the Nesbitt Centre, a local education centre for adults with special needs. The Cafe offers these students the chance for social interaction among Hong Kong's community, and the chance to work in a restaurant-style environment. The staff all enjoy their work at Cafe 8.

 "Cafe 8's got a nice atmosphere," says worker Alex, shown below, who also works at the smaller coffee shop by St. John's Cathedral known as the Nest. "Making the drinks is always nice to do, and the good coffee always keeps me going."

"The work here is good," agrees fellow worker and Nesbitt Centre student Josh, shown above drying a plastic container. "There's a wide variety of tasks to do in a day, and I like doing them all."

Working at the Cafe has its perks," fellow student and worker Jenifer says, shown above mopping the floor. "I can do almost any task given to me. I consider my work here as a fun and learning experience."

"The Cafe is comfortable to work in," agrees staff member Manisha, seen above on the right, alongside Alex. "I have a suitable time table here, so I can know who will be coming in when, and if anything special is going on for the day. That way, I stay organised while I work."

Some of the staff have been thinking on how Cafe 8 can further improve.

"Cafe 8 has really developed in some areas," waitress Eshana says. "But, more people working here would make it even better. I want to make the customers comfortable while they are here, and I like my work, but I can't be everywhere at once."


"I want to see more opportunities here for the Nexbitt Centre students," echoes 'D', the Cafe's job coach who helps new workers ease

into the Cafe's atmosphere, seen above on the right in the middle of assisting worker Paul. "Cafe 8 shows the student's strengths, and I like to be a part of that, but more chances for the students to work here would give more of them a chance to see how the world works."

(Written in the summer of 2016 by CT)

                  Sitting at the top of Pier #8 in Central Harbor, the resturant Cafe 8, owned by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and sponsored by the Nesbitt Centre, has had recent growth in its staff over the past few months. Most of the staff are also students at the Nesbitt Centre, but other people volunteer there for months at a time. Two such volunteers are two brothers, Arthur and Curtice Taylor.

(From right to left; Curtice, Arthur, Tony (Nesbitt Centre staff member and manager)

Curtice started work at Cafe 8 in the summer of 2014, working for a month before he left for his university studies in the United States. This summer, he is working from June until the later part of August. Arthur started work in July of this year, and will continue until the end of August.

Both brothers appreciate Cafe 8 for its atmosphere, food and teamwork among the staff.

"The students do their jobs quite well," Curtice explains. "Whether they wash dishes and glasses, clean tables for future customers, stand by the cash register to take orders, or prepare dishes and drinks to display to customers, they like what they do."

"The humor is nice, the atmosphere is relaxing, and the work is fun to do," Arthur says.

(Arthur and Curtice at work cleaning a table)

Both brothers take different shifts during a week, with Arthur taking morning shifts and Curtice taking evening shifts. Both brothers have also had experience working at evening events or parties the Café hosts.

(Written in Summer of 2015 by CT)